SOTCON is an internationally operating German security and consulting company which is specialized on education, training, consulting, operative services and the procurement of security equipment. Our clients are national and international authorities, organizations and companies.


Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced consultants, trainers and emergency services. They are specialists who can draw on many years of practical experience as operators and instructors.

  • Consultants

  • Trainers

  • Forces

We provide operative travel-risk and security management solutions for companies, public authorities and organizations during their foreign involvements. In this case, we cooperate with a highly reliable network of local security forces. The network extends from South America over the African continent and even up to Russia.

We provide strategic concepts and operative implementation of security-related topics.

Our approach which is based on potential dangers addresses the following questions:


  • How can a security management be systematically build up,
    developed and implemented?


  • Which processes, resources and organizational structures must
    be taken into account?


  • How can the clients be carefully and efficiently
    included without any impact on their actual tasks?

Our Focus

Travel risk management and recovery


Crisis management in kidnappings and hostages

Negotiation & ransom transfer



Security Management

National and International

Corporate Security

Review of Already Existing

Security Concepts

and Measures

Comprehensive Security and

Hazard Analysis

Holistic security concepts for:

Administration facilities, production facilities and other objects at home and abroad

Risk analysis for national and international locations

Support in choosing an appropriate security service and security technology

We support you in setting up a professional security management for your commitments abroad by:

Preparing the staff on assignments abroad

Auditing of itineraries

Repatriation in case of emergency

Crisis and emergency management

Security escort on business trips

Travel Risk Management

and Recovery

International emergency hotline for security-related emergencies.

Identification and evaluation of significant security incidents and

help and support in case of emergency for all travelers by:

Professional evaluation of the situation

Risk minimizing behavior instructions

On-site coordination

Organization of further support

Evacuation from crisis regions

Emergency management in case of kidnapping and hostage

Flexible return transfer by plane, even from crisis regions



The SOTCON experts provide you with specific information
in case of damage by criminal intent by:

Public and undercover investigations

Surveys and interviews


Evaluation and analysis

Intelligent crime investigation

Return of property

Preparing material and facts for evidential purpose in court

Personal Security

We create a protecting concept which is individually adjusted to your personal needs.

Vulnerability analysis

Optimizing security standards and processes

Integration of security technique and protection of land, home and vehicles?

Deployment of personal security forces

Instructions on safety-conscious behavior, behavioral security training

Our aim is to provide a noticeable improvement for your safety without affecting you in your private sphere.

Peace in mind.

Training Concepts

and Courses

Increasing awareness of employees for security relevant issues.

Analyzing and evaluating the know-how of the security personnel

Developing individual training concepts

Behavioral training for expatriates and business travelers

Providing training programs for security staff.

Training courses for legal issues

Communication and conflict handling

Increasing awareness for potential hazards

Tactics and intervention measures

Security Services

for Libya

Over several years, we have established a deep mutual trust with the representatives of various regions. This is why SOTCON is able to offer all types of support. These range from contact management to transport service, to personal protection and even to evacuation procedures which we have already successfully implemented.

Security Solutions

for Somalia

Due to good personal contacts in politics, business and the operational base of the country, we support companies and organizations as part of their commitment in Somalia and provide complete security solutions. Sea / air and land transport, the protection of property and “individual solutions” such as evacuations, negotiations, ransom transfers etc. can be carried out at short notice.

Strategic Road Mapping & Consulting 

Helping clients navigate difficult terrain, economically, politically, logistically, and technologically. We specialize in unstable and transitional environments and we provide advice and guidance in, amongst other fields, policy development and enforcement, campaign management, social, economic and outreach programs and long-term positioning strategies.  With our extensive network of professionals and experts all over the world, we provide holistic solutions, concepts and turn even the most challenging circumstances around. 

We are always at your service for any questions at any time.